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This is the homepage for hproleplayhomepage. Here, you can find announcements concerning the roleplay, taken characters as well as audition for characters that are not yet taken.
If you have any questions at all concerning the roleplay, head to the ask and we will answer as soon as we possibly can!

"Times like these, dark times, they do funny things to people. They can tear them apart."
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Anonymous 's owl dropped off a note saying:

Is the role of Draco available?

The role of Draco is not available, nor will it ever be.

However, there are still many roles available and you should be able to check which ones are taken from the link on our homepage. You’re more than welcome to audition for any of them!

2 years ago
- sorry if this was sassy - but - i play draco - and im not in the mood - when you can clearly just check the blog - aoisehgowihgowiheg - Anonymous - ask

Theodore Nott Application Accepted!

Name: Alicia

Character Wanted: Theodore Nott

Timezone: GMT +9:30 (South Australia) I know I’m probably on a different time zone to everyone else, but I am very active.

Drabble (recently posted on the Theodore Nott):

Theodore Nott sat at the Slytherin table for dinner and allowed the conversation that surrounded him to just wash over him unheard. Normally he was far more involved, but the events of the holidays had changed his demeanour. They had most of them been saved from taking the Mark, but they all knew that Draco had been forced into it after his father was captured and the Dark Lord’s plans for the ministry went so awry.

His own father had been captured as well, and now the entire Nott legacy rested solely on his young and inexperienced shoulders. Thankfully the Malfoys had taken the worst of the punishment, and he had yet to be approached by any of the Death Eaters. Personally, he thought that a very good thing, and planned to keep a low profile until the war was over. There’s no way that he would join the Death Eater’s now that his old man was incarcerated.

A loud laugh broke his trance, and his eyes slid further down the table to where Blaise was keeping Pansy and Daphne amused with some story or other. Daphne was the source of the laughter, but he ignored her to study the face of Pansy Parkinson. She had grown her hair quite long over the holidays, and it was done up in elaborate curls today, a look that suited her quite well. She was smiling at Blaise, but it didn’t reach her brown eyes, which held a faraway look.

As he watched, her eyes caught his and he nodded at her, carefully keeping his mask in place. She was a beautiful girl and he had always admired her, but something held him back from professing an interest in her. He didn’t want a casual fling with her, something to be used and tossed away. He respected her more than that, and really she deserved better. She gave him a quick smile, and his heart fluttered a little as her eyes twinkled at him.

Theodore Nott, you are a fool.


Congratulations! You have received the role of Theodore Nott!

Please make a separate account, as in with a different e-mail and not a side blog, within the next 48 hours and send it in to the homepage! And, if you haven’t already, please read the rules and remember to follow everyone in the roleplay!

We look forward to having you join us!

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- application - male - hproleplayhomepage - submission

We’ve lost our Harry once again.

Unfollow ‘beforewebreak-rpg’ as that is the account that has replaced Harry’s.

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Harry Potter has been re-opened.

It’s a shame, I liked Megan. ):

To members of the RP- Unfollow Harry.

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